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Q. Why do they call it transmission fluid and not oil?
A. Automatic transmissions today use hydraulic devices that utilize direct fluid pressure to create certain gear change applications. Therefore, the units are sealed and do not lose fluid like some engines lose oil.

Q. What are the two most common types of automatic transmissions?
A. Front wheel drive is found on most domestic cars, and rear wheel drive is typically found on most trucks, 4x4’s, SUV's, performance cars such as Camaro. Firebird or Mustangs and most all European full size sedans. Almost 80% of cars today are front wheel drive.

Q. If automatic transmissions are hydraulic units, why do they need service?
A The fluid contains many special additives that enhance the performance of the transmission. Products such as friction modifiers, detergents, anti-foaming agents are all part of the new automatic transmission fluid. As the result of mileage and most over-heating, some of these special additives
can burn off and become dormant. Changing the fluid regularly helps add to the life of the transmission.

Q. What is basic transmission service?
A. Basic service consists of removing the transmission pan, draining out the fluid, cleaning the pan area, installing a new filter and pan gasket and refilling the transmission fluid to appropriate levels, using only manufacturers approved transmission fluid.

Q. What should you look out for?
A. The color and smell of transmission fluid provides valuable clues in assessing the condition of the transmission.

Q. What color is normal automatic transmission fluid?
A. Normal color is bright cherry red. Actually the hydraulic fluid used is clear, a red dye is added to help find leaks and differentiate from engine oil. The smell of transmission fluid provides clues too. A burnt smell or discolored fluid is a sign of overheating and may mean a further inspection of the transmission and cooling system is needed. Also be aware of water in anti-freeze in the transmission fluid. this will appear as a pink fluid, almost like a strawberry milkshake. If the fluid is pink, the transmission will have to be removed and disassembled for further inspection.

Q. How do I determine internal wear?
A. Inspect the pan for any excessive amounts of friction materials or metal particles. This may indicate internal wear and require a more extensive inspection.

Q. When should the filter be changed?
A. the filter which is located inside the pan should be replaced every time a service is done. But before you throw out the old filter, open it and check for signs of wear such as brass bushings or metal particles. Make sure when you are installing a new filter that it fits properly and is secure. If the filter comes loose for any reason you may experience poor or no shift conditions.

Q. What is the importance of transmission fluid?
A. Transmission fluid is the lifeblood of the transmission. Let the experts at Speedy Transmission check the level and condition of your transmission fluid. Some fluid may not work correctly and cause poor performance.

Q. When should I change the transmission fluid?
A. Change according to your owners manual. Have a transmission specialist change your fluid to be certain that you’re getting the quality fluid and parts you need. Check your fluid regularly,keep an eye open for discoloring or burnt smell. Remember it is a sealed unit, so if you find yourself adding fluid, it must be leaking somewhere and should be inspected by a professional.

Q. How do I know if my vehicle has a transmission or related problem?
A. It is necessary to allow an ASE certified technician to check your vehicle to be certain that any problem is transmission related.

Q. Does my transmission have to be overhauled?
A. Not always. A great majority of all services performed at Speedy shops do not require the transmission to be overhauled.

Q. When should I be given a quote for any required transmission or related service?
A. At Speedy, a price quote is always provided prior to service authorization.

Q. Is there a charge to find out what’s going wrong and how much the service will cost?
A. There is never a charge at Speedy for the External Performance Check service which determines what, if any, service is required.

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