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Today most vehicles have automatic transmissions. With over 1000 parts, they are becoming even more complicated and drivers recognize the need for a transmission specialist who can do the job quickly, expertly and still at a price that won't empty their wallets.

Plus, new developments may mean that motorists will be needing transmission service sooner and more frequently. For the past several years, vehicles have been rolling off the assembly lines with smaller, lightweight engines and transmissions. To get the power they need, these smaller engines run at higher rpm's and higher temperatures. This stress and strain can cause more frequent breakdowns in transmission components.

In addition, new technology computer impulse transmissions, "smart shifters," and automatic overdrives will mean more business for your modern Speedy Transmission Center as these trends continue.

Speedy knows that great service must be complimented by a great warranty. We offer our customers a choice of warranties that include nationwide coverage. No matter where the customer travels within the United States and Canada he or she is always close to a center that is ready to provide warranty service.

It's a unique system that a Speedy Transmission Center representative will be glad to explain during your franchise interview. It's good for you and it's good for your customers - especially in today's quality conscious consumer environment.

It is a strong commitment Speedy Transmission is making now, during its growth period, so that you can provide your customers with coast-to-coast warranty protection until the Speedy Transmission Center network has expanded sufficiently to offer that protection through its own centers.The Speedy Transmission Center Warranty will help you attract more customers to your center where they can get quality service, price, a congenial atmosphere, and nationwide warranty coverage.

We will assist you in obtaining all the equipment and supplies you need to
provide the finest service available.

Speedy Transmission will help you make arrangements with companies that can supply you with quality parts at low prices, combined with the advantages of ready and reliable parts and equipment sources.

With a Speedy Transmission Center, you do not have to purchase higher priced company-name parts and equipment. You always have the option of buying these parts from the supplier of your choice.

Site Selection
Speedy Transmission Centers uses automobile registrations, population, traffic flow, growth patterns, need for services and other criteria to help you find a suitable location.

After you have chosen a location, your site will then be evaluated and approved by Speedy
Transmission Centers and a definition of your market area made.

We will even help you negotiate your lease and design the interior and exterior of your center for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Our training course is conducted at the Speedy Transmission Training Center. You will also receive complete on-the-job experience under the careful watch of our dedicated supervisors who will teach you all aspects of operating your own Speedy Transmission business. Instruction includes Speedy Transmission Centers' procedures which are simple but efficient, designed for profit, performance and smooth operation. You will learn accounting, insurance, customer service, business management, purchasing and the basics of transmission service.

Again, we emphasize that YOU NEED NO MECHANICAL BACKGROUND. Our system teaches you how to run a successful business - your own business. Our present center owners come from a wide variety of walks of life and are using our procedures and their own drive to build their own businesses.

Speedy Transmission Centers' training continues even after you open your doors. We'll help train your manager and provide refresher courses and seminars throughout the year through our office and associated groups to keep you and your staff abreast of new management, sales strategies and technological changes.

Operation Support
Our operations team in the field makes sure you always have the advice and guidance you need to operate your business. Their job is to help you become a successful and prosperous center
owner. Through visits to your center or by contracting regional or national offices, you can get quick, factual and reliable answers to any questions.

Constant two-way communication is one of the most important features of your Speedy Transmission Center. Regular newsletters, technical and management bulletins and sales information are all an integral part of our complete communications program. That program begins with a comprehensive grand opening package which gives you the full range of guidance you need to open your doors with a splash. Then, it continues with well thought out articles and information, literature, posters and materials you need concerning all phases of your operation.

Hard-hitting, effective, professional advertising programs make sure American moterists know they have a clear-cut choice in obtaining quality transmission service at competitive prices from Speedy Transmission Centers around the country.

Plans are already underway for a strong national creative program to expand that awareness of the entire Speedy Transmission Center network through media spots explaining the dedicated, superior care and quick service, national warranty protection, friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices customers can expect from their nearby Speedy Transmission Center.

This dramatic approach will help you penetrate your market with the message, frequency and reach necessary to bring customers into your center.

One of the important benefits of the Speedy Transmission program is our ability to provide professional technical support.


We also maintain a close relationship with the Automotive Transmission Service Group, which serves to provide marketable professionalism continuing technical education for Speedy employees and increased consumer confidence.

Speedy Transmission provides each franchisee with a membership in ATSG, an international professional organization serving more than 2,000 member firms. The Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG), ensures that every Speedy Transmission rebuilder and installer measures up to the highest professional standards and stays current with technical changes. Membership in ATSG gives our franchisees an expansive technical support system, including:

1. Technical School
2. Video Training Tapes
3. Telephone Hotline
4. Transmission Reference Library
5. Computer Diagnostic Programs
6. Continuing Education Seminars
7. Technical Manuals
8. Transmission Data Supplements And Buyers Guides
9. Monthly Bulletins

While membership in ATSG offers obvious advantages in the performance of technical services, it gives us a leading sales edge over our competition. That competitive edge is ensured by Speedy's commitment to public awareness. Our professional programs are heavily promoted to consumers through Speedy Transmission Centers' on-site signage, publicity and advertising for increased credibility and confidence.

• Who We Are
• About the Speedy Opportunity
• Initial Investment Cost
• General Information Request Form
• Summary
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